UA03 - Welcoming rummer with the look on the glassworks in Zeilberg

To a very rare and at the same time to a very interesting pieces of Bohemian Renaissance enamel-paintings on glass counts sceneries of glassworks as it looked after 1650. It gives us detailed information not only what was the glassmakers equipment, clothes and what were the conditions of work like, but we can suggest how did substantially older medieval glassworks look, as it has not changed much since medieval times. We can suggest even the state of the technological process knowledge from the shape of a furnace and the designs of glasses produced at this period. This is a very unique piece. There were only three known examples in 20th. century, but up to our times only one is stil preserved in UPM Prague.

Inscriptions : "Glass Hütte Zeilberg. Dieses Glass Schencken Zum gedechtnuss dem Herren/Casper Steiner Erblichen Freyrichtern zu volpers/dorff eine Ehrliebende Geselschaft der glass/kunst. Angethan nahmens Chriestian Preussler. Glassmeister." Follows the names of glassmakers on painting and date: "Anno 1680, den 4. April".

Painted in nice bright colours, well elaborate details, painted on historical forest-glass replica, a masterpiece curiosity, pride of every real collector of glass. Recommended to collectors and museums.

Height : 30 cm / 12 inches
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