Warning against faked Glass Nail Files!


Bohemian glassworks as the supplier of glass nail files feels obliged to inform general public and professionals in nail-care and cosmetic industry, that there were some attempts to produce faked glass nail files in the past.

Those were very hardly to distinguish on the first sight and could be easily misplaced for the glass nail files supplied by Bohemian Glassworks. While testing them it has become apparent, that the grinding area can wear down after some time of regular use of this file.It is something that will never happen with crystal glass nail file from Bohemian Glassworks, as we are giving a lifetime warranty. Quick wear down of the faked glass nail files is caused by the usage of unsuitable technology while creating the grinding area of the file. The technique used by those from Bohemian Glassworks is a complex and highly sophisticated chemical and technological process. It presents considerable development in glass and cosmetics. Only thus is ensured maximum safety of the product used for the care of human health and beauty.

This highly sophisticated technological process can not be performed in some small workshop or by hand, and therefore we advise all interested parties to be cautious in reference to where it comes from.

We hereby declare that Bohemian Glassworks can be in no way responsible for the fake glass nail files and eventual inappropriate performance.

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