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There is a large scale of possibilities how to use the glass as a marketing medium. As you can see here, it is possible to manufacture curious-looking paperweights, shaped as half-balls, cutted pyramids, cutted prisms, letter openers, business card holders, nail files, manually cutted company logos, various forms of common drink-ware equipped with company logos or inimitable glass plasticas for unusual occasions.

What is it, what makes the difference between glass and common materials such as wood, two-penny ceramics and plastic materials?

The key difference is that no-one takes skilfully manufactured glass promotional items as a cheap method how to throw out some money from corporate marketing funds. It is also the manual labour what makes the difference between glass corporate gift and soulless machine-spouted pressworks. Everyone will consider unusual glass product with your brand name as a valuable decorative item, which can be displayed on the office-desk rather than be hidden deep inside the pocket. Not mentioning that it always attracts attention of visitors and your client will feel delighted to posses such a thing, rather than be ashamed. This way your client promotes your brand not because you want him to, but because he wants it himself. And this is the best way.

Or have you ever seen higher situated managing staff member to decorate his desk with a cut-rate plastic bottle opener or a key drop?

A corporate gift made from glass expresses that you are a reputable company, which value its clients high. And you can be sure that the client will notice it with appreciation.

A corporate gift made from glass expresses that you lay strong emphasis on what is the client's opinion of your reliable partnership.

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