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Old glasses, especially those few centuries old, were often exposed to unfortunate events which has left tracks such as cracks, chipped rims, broken stems or flaked gold or enamel painting.

Especially stemware glasses from 17th and 18th century such as those on the images have often broken faceted stem or faceted decorative cone on top of the plate cover or faceted decorative stem with sealed golden-red glass thread. It could be looking like that they are lost. But such irreplaceable items are not necessarily gone.

The only thing you should do to save them is to contact us, find out if the repair is possible and how to manage it.

We are manufacturing and replacing broken stems, engraved broken basement-parts, decorative cover holders and much more. To restore the golden paintings, we use authentic so-called "polishable gold" which is different and harder to obtain in comparison with nowadays only-used glossy gold.

All this skilled labor is performed by the best glass-refining masters and at absolutely fantastic prices.
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