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Glassblowers at work.
Bohemian Glassworks
Skalice 134
Czech Republic
Phone: 00420-487-754599
Cellular phone : 00420-607-503515
Fax: 00420-487-754596
website: http://www.bohemian-glassworks.com
e-mail: sales@bohemian-glassworks.com
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About Bohemian Glassworks company

The main aim of Bohemian Glassworks company is to maintain superior quality of products, honest handicraft of the most skilled Czech glassmakers and preserve traditional often nearly forgotten decoration techniques. Coming with widest possible range of glass-products sorts we maintain stable low prices for our trade partners and a long-term job security for our workers. We know good that we can keep our position as one of the most important producers only with trustworthy and reliable services to our trade partners. And therefore our workers well aware of it are ready to deal with any of your requirements always ready to explain you patiently whatever question related to glass.

Bohemian Glassworks is located in the region of Lusatia (Northern Bohemia), an ancient glassworks area rich in large beechwoods and old castles, where substantial part of famous Czech glass products was being made for centuries from the medieval times. And from where comes most of our stock. The vilage of Skalice itself founded in early medieval times has been for centuries one of the centers of Czech glassmaking and from here also comes some of its very best pieces.

Nowadays, Bohemian Glassworks is supplying its satisfied customers in Europe, North and South America , Asia, Australia and South Africa. Our customers vary from big import companies to smaller family businesses and shops, from public art-galleries to museums, hotels and knowing collectors, even to those who only want to enrich their home with some extraordinary decorative item. The quantities in shipments vary from few pieces (in case of most unique works of art) to substantial quantity (in case of big orders of more common giftware). If you think you might be interested in our goods do not hesitate to contact us.

The production is focused mostly on the luxurious items manufactured in no other place in the world, which can satisfy even the most exacting customer. But a variety of other products is also available:

Unique artworks - exceptional works of well-known artists

Painted glass - famous enamel-, high enamel- and gold- decorated Bohemian glass

Engraved glass - world's finest engravings on glass

Cut glass - traditional cut lead and non-lead crystal

Historic glass - Replicas of antic to first half of 20th century glass

Blown glass - free hand made glass

Stained glass - door and window stained glass, plus other decorative items

Mirrors - fine cut and engraved mirrors

Paperweights - Beautiful paperweights

Corporate gifts - exceptional promotional items, made not only for marketing companies

Repairs and replicas - repairs of damaged museum or collector's exhibits, creating of perfect replicas

Repairs of chandeliers - repairs of old damaged chandeliers, manufacturing of missing glass and metal parts (usually for Hotels, Museums, public places..)

The company was founded by Mr. Martin Cabejsek who comes from a glassmakers family (both parents worked for the whole life in glass industry, as well as many other family relatives, Mr. Cabejsek himself after passing out secondary school for glass industry in Novy Bor continued his study and graduated successfully on Institute for chemical technology in Prague, Department of technology of glass and ceramics. He is an author of edifying still-growing internet encyclopaedy of glass.

Bohemian Glassworks collaborate closely with the Museum of glass in Novy Bor and with Museum of glass in Kamenicky Senov. Both of which posses many unique glass pieces showing excellent craftsmanship and gentle artistic feeling of their creators. And both of which we warmly recommend to visit.

Beware of the counterfeits! The original product of Bohemian Glassworks is always fitted with the certificate of originality, registered trademark logo and product description. In some cases the company logo and number of an item (limited series) is to be found on the bottom side.

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