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During the renaissance, the glass industry of Venice contributed to improvements in production technologies and to the development of decorated techniques, the latter referring mainly to enamel painting. Glassworks were no longer moved towards their sources of wood but had their permanent locations supported with necessary economic and human resources. Next to the glassworks in Horní Chřibská , which was managed by the Friedrichs -a traditional family of glass- masters at that time-, a new glassworks was founded by Pavel Schürer in 1530 at Falknov, today known as Kytlice. Pavel Schürer came to Falknov from the Saxon side of the Ore Mountains, namely from the small town of Aschberk, today called Ansprung. Schürer was born into a family that soon became one of the most famous glass-master families in Bohemia. A few years later, Pavel's brother Jiří stood as the head of the glassworks near Krompach (before 1549). From the 1570's, these glassworks became centers of glass decoration by means of using burnt enamel paints. However, even this type of glass production was interrupted by the Thirty Years War. Soon after this war ended, the local glass industry experienced another boom period, this time during the Baroque period

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